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in stamping, bending
and forming

Our customers benefit from our great experience in stamping, bending and forming. What’s more, we are constantly adding to our fund of expertise with, for example, our selective use of progressive die tooling.

Our competence in development and design makes us a professional and inspirational partner, delivering innovative developments and cost-effective production processes for our customers. Our in-house engineering skills play a vital role in ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of our business sector. Thanks to our fund of experience in process development and automation, we are able to leverage our expertise in toolmaking, mould construction and plant engineering in order to deliver new and innovative solutions.

with that decisive

Product development and optimization

Here at MEKU, we transform good ideas into successful products. Our proficiency in stamping, bending and forming translates into a concrete competitive advantage for our customers, especially when combined with our expertise in advance process design. We begin by conducting a technical feasibility study and then develop and refine your product.

At the same time, we design an efficient production process and invest in the development of tools and special machinery. Here, our wealth of experience and the interdisciplinary teamwork between experts from the MEKU competency centres ensure smooth and seamless production.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Product development and optimisation
  • Process planning
  • Mould construction and toolmaking
  • Plant and machinery construction

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Custom-fit solutions

In the course of product development and process planning, MEKU designs and builds tools, machinery and plant tailored to the specific job. This ensures a smooth and seamless production process and, with it, a perfect product. Our range of high-precision tools and moulds extends from basic punching dies to complex progressive tools. The development process also covers an optimal choice of materials and any necessary follow-up processes. With our wealth of expertise in toolmaking, we are perfectly placed to deliver the ideal solution for our customers’ needs, starting with tools for pilot and small-batch production runs, all the way up to series production.

  • High-speed milling machines
  • Lathes
  • Die-sinking and wire-erosion EDM machines
  • Integrated 3D scanners
  • Laser welding
  • Grinding
  • Polishing

Stamping, bending

and forming
with that decisive

Precision is everything

MEKU stands for expertise in stamping, bending and forming for the production of high-precision parts. Constant fine-tuning of production methods such as high-speed stamping, power stamping and deep drawing – in a progressive tooling setup – enables us to deliver results of the very highest quality.

We can stamp strip to a thickness of 0.05 mm to 6.00 mm and to a width of 250 mm. Both bulk and strip goods are cleaned. Needless to say, we also offer galvanisation for both bulk and strip goods.

  • Prototypes (A prototype / B prototype / C prototype)
  • Bulk goods
  • Strip goods
  • High-performance stamping
  • Power stamping to a sheet thickness of 6.00 mm
  • Deep drawing
  • Cleaning of strip and loose goods
  • Galvanising

Laser technology
with that decisive

High-end processes throughout

At MKU, our use of laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking means we can rapidly produce prototypes and series parts. Fast and high-performance cutting techniques – whether for intricate shapes or for large blanks for housing com-ponents – enables us to deliver perfect, economically produced products in small or large batches.

Burr-free and oxide-free edges permit high-quality welded joints, three-dimensional welding and cutting, and welds between materials that cannot be combined with standard welding techniques. This enables options outside the scope of traditional metalworking.

  • Flatbed laser cutter
  • 3D laser machine
  • Laser marking machine

Case studies
with that decisive

Success stories of our metals competency

Our customers benefit from our great experience in stamping, bending and forming. Because of our in-house engineering skills we ensure that we are constantly adding to our fund of expertise. Thanks to our experience in process development and automation, we are able to to deliver new and innovative solutions, that are purposefully implemented through our own toolmaking, mould construction and plant engineering.

In the following, we have compiled a number of case studies – we also like to call them success stories – that exemplify the approach of our specialists at the Competency Centre Metals. We would like to present you to these and other examples in a personal presentation. Please contact us and make an appointment.

Success story: The re-design of a connector in e-mobility reduces component costs and increases vehicle range

The road to success

The challenge | A tricky task: Plug connections between high-voltage battery, power electronics and electric motor in hybrid and e-mobility are increasingly demanding in terms of power transmission and screen characteristics. At the same time, however, weight and space should be reduced continuously. How can such market demands be realized?

The solution | The original design by our customer included a diecast part. For a competitive serial production, however, we asked ourselves the following question: Can we optimize the original design and manufacturing process? And in fact: Through modified design and a different manufacturing process, it was possible to produce the parts of non-ferrous metal by deep drawing.

The success | The use of the modified manufacturing process and the use of an alternative material creates a not insignificant price advantage. The requirements for power transmission, screen characteristics and electromagnetic compatibility are of course still met. The lower weight of the plug naturally also reduces the weight of the vehicle.

That decisive

The vehicle range is increased by the re-design. The component costs were reduced. Our MEKU contribution to environmental sustainability and global competitiveness.

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