From development to complex assemblies

From development
to complex assemblies

MEKU creates value for you along the entire value chain. A productive synergy between our competency centres for metals, electronics and plastics generates the following advantages for you, the customer: a plus in know-how, a plus in production technology and a plus in innovative power. As a system supplier we develop and produce complex, sophisticated assemblies at the highest level of quality.

  • Conception, consultation and planning
  • Development and design
  • Project management
  • Prototyping
  • Toolmaking and mould construction
  • Plant and machinery construction
  • Series production
  • Supply chain
  • Expertise in all the relevant production processes

Competency Centre Metals

Competency Centre Metals

For that decisive
in stamping, bending
and forming technology

Our customers benefit from our decades of experience in stamping, bending and forming. Our customers benefit from our decades of experience in stamping, bending and forming.

Our expertise in development and design makes us an expert and inspirational partner to our customers. Our skills in toolmaking, mould construction, and plant and machinery engineering are the bedrock of the MEKU Group and play an indispensable part in ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of our chosen sector. Our wealth of experience in process development and automation helps us to deliver totally new and innovative solutions for our customers.

Stamping | Bending | Forming

Quality and precision – from 5 mm to filigree structures; from ultra-high speeds to selective plating

Competency Centre Electronics

Competency CentreElectronics

For that decisive
in Electronics
Manufacturing Services

We are more than just an EMS provider, manufacturing full electronic assemblies, devices or systems. With our electronics expertise, we are ideally placed to take you from an initial idea to ultimate series production, from development to prototyping and on to customising, from PCB assembly to sophisticated test routines and a targeted aftersales service.

You come to us with an idea, we realise that conception and, as a system supplier for complex assemblies, create value for you along the entire production chain.

SMD and THT technology according to the latest IPC standards

We use reflow, wave and selective soldering, either by hand or with automated processes. This guarantees consistently high standards of quality. Naturally, we then thoroughly test each circuit board for proper functionality.

Soldering – reflow, wave and selective; by hand and automated

If customers require, we will also develop mounting devices and testing equipment for complete assemblies and carry out customised functional tests with our own programs. We test using AOI and ICT/FCT as well as customised test routines for specific requirements.

Competency Centre Plastics

Competency Centre Plastics

For that decisive
in precision
and cost-effectiveness

Plastic injection moulding ensures both precision and cost-effectiveness. We use overmoulding of individual parts (stamped, turned or electronic) or multicomponent (hard/soft, hard/hard) and hybrid injection moulding.

Multicomponent hybrid injection moulding – hard and soft, and hard and hard

Our wealth of experience in planning and design is what enables us to deliver developments tailored to the customer’s precise requirements. At the heart of any such project is always a finely tuned tool concept, specifically developed in close cooperation with our toolmakers and mould-makers. This is then followed up by feasibility studies and concrete manufacturing and production proposals.

Overmoulding demonstrates a perfect synergy between plastics technology and our expertise in metalworking and/or electronics

Competency Centre Mechatronics

Competency Centre Mechatronics

For that decisive
for a perfect,
cost-effective product

When it comes to joint projects, one factor is crucial: complete trust in your partner’s know-how and resources. MEKU combines the development expertise of three competency centres: metals, electronics and plastics. Meticulous teamwork between specialists in interdisciplinary teams serves to ascertain the technical and commercial viability of the proposed design, thereby ensuring a perfect, cost-effective product for our customers. These teams then realise and optimise the new product as well as engineer the most efficient production process.

A perfect combination of metal, electronics and plastic

From manual to fully automated assembly – we provide the solution best suited to your needs

With our expertise in designing and constructing special-purpose machinery, we are able to implement the most com-mercially viable assembly method at each phase of the process. Depending on your requirements, we decide whether to use manual, semi-automated or fully automated assembly. What’s more, we will ramp up production to meet a need for greater volume – and, once peak demand has passed, scale it back down again. Needless to say, we will continue to deliver the perfect product.

The ideal solution for your requirements – thanks to our special-purpose machinery

Smoothly interlocking – at MEKU our finely tuned processes mesh seamlessly right along the value chain

If customers require, we will also develop mounting devices and testing equipment for complete assemblies and carry out customised functional tests with our own programs.

Tried and tested – our inspection procedures guarantee functionality and quality

MEKU Technology

Meku Technology

For that decisive
from conception
to supply chain

MEKU Technology stands for a perfect synergy of metals, electronics and plastics. We cover the entire value chain in the development and manufacture of electronic applications and mechatronic assemblies and systems. All our processes are tailored to the customer’s requirements and can be seamlessly linked – from conception to supply chain.

Perfection right up to the assembly line – we optimise the entire value chain in an integrated and sustainable manner all the way up to your production process

Our integrated IT strategy ensures seamlessly interlocking processes right along the value chain. In the move towards Industry 4.0, we employ the very latest information technology to secure, digitise and optimise the entire value chain.

With the help of intelligent, digitally networked systems, we are now well on the way towards creating self-organising production processes involving autonomous communication between individual systems.

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