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Assembly according to your needs

What’s the most cost-effective way to manufacture complex assemblies? That’s the question that drives us. Thanks to our resources within the MEKU Group, customers can be sure that we will deliver the ideal solution for their needs. After all, we are also experts in designing and building special-purpose machinery. This is what guarantees we use the most cost-effective assembly process at each stage of production. Depending on your requirements, we opt for manual, semi-automated or fully automated assembly. What’s more, we will ramp up production to meet a requirement for greater volume – and, once peak demand has passed, scale it back down again.

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Ideal solutions

In order to manufacture complex assemblies that satisfy the customer’s quality requirements, we first analyse the assembly process. On that basis, we then develop the right production process and design the tools and machinery to go with it. A crucial advantage here is that we are able to draw on the combined know-how of the entire MEKU Group.

Plant and special-
purpose machinery
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Achieving the perfect setup

Once the optimal production process has been defined, it is then seamlessly implemented on the basis of our own plant and special-purpose machinery. This also includes our own inspection systems, which are implemented right along the entire production process – whether stamping, bending, forming, injection moulding or EMS – and likewise play a vital role in ensuring product quality and cost-effectiveness. Production can be automated on a modular basis, so that it remains scalable and cost-effective at all times: from manual to semi-automated to fully automated assembly – and then back again, should the product be phased out.

  • Construction of machinery
  • Construction of plant
  • Construction of inspection systems
  • Fully automated
  • Semi-automated
  • Manual assembly

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Impressive results

In the manufacture of an assembly, each component has specific requirements, which is why our fully automated machinery is always designed for the assembly of a specific product. MEKU aims to provide the highest quality and the most cost-effective production. Our inspection systems monitor each stage of production and thereby guarantee process reliability.

Yet fully automated assembly does not always offer the best option. This is the case, for example, when the volume required does not justify the construction of special machinery. Manual or semi-automated assembly is then a more cost-effective solution – while still meeting the requisite quality standards. Via our company location in the Czech Republic, we can offer manual and semi-automated assembly to the highest quality and at a consistently competitive cost. Your advantage here is that production can be scaled to your requirements, either up or down. This means we can always offer you the most economic solution for your needs.

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