MEKU Technology

Meku Technology

For that decisive
from conception
to supply chain

MEKU Technology stands for a perfect synergy of metals, electronics and plastics. We cover the entire value chain in the development and manufacture of electronic applications and mechatronic assemblies and systems. All our processes are tailored to the customer’s requirements and can be seamlessly linked – from conception to supply chain.

Perfection right up to the assembly line – we optimise the entire value chain in an integrated and sustainable manner all the way up to your production process

Our integrated IT strategy ensures seamlessly interlocking processes right along the value chain. In the move towards Industry 4.0, we employ the very latest information technology to secure, digitise and optimise the entire value chain.

With the help of intelligent, digitally networked systems, we are now well on the way towards creating self-organising production processes involving autonomous communication between individual systems.

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