Competency in Mechatronics

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for a perfect,
cost-effective product

MEKU stands for a perfect synergy of metal, electronics and plastic. This is the result of scrupulous teamwork between specialists from all three of our competency centres. For every project, feasibility studies from each of the areas are analysed. On the basis of this assessment, a decision regarding the technical and commercial viability of the proposed design is then taken. This ensures we come up with a perfect, cost-effective product for our customers.

Project management
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Customised solutions

We know that a successful project demands know-how that is both in-depth and broad-based. Needless to say, our employees have comprehensive knowledge in their specific field. At the same time, our use of flexible project teams and careful project management ensures that we can call upon the full range of expertise available throughout the MEKU Group and thereby translate innovative ideas into successful products.

Project teams
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A powerful combination

A team is as good as its individual members. That’s the reason why we’re able to perform so powerfully for our customers. On the basis of specific project requirements, we put together an interdisciplinary team that combines the collective know-how in metals, electronics and plastics from all three of our competency centres in order to deliver a groundbreaking product.

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Your value-creating partner

Here at the MEKU Group it has long been our principle to provide customers with a one-stop service. This means we support them along the entire value chain and attend to their needs throughout the full product lifecycle. It’s a complex and demanding job: in effect, we serve as the single source for all our customers’ requirements – from initial idea to ultimate series production, from production development to smart logistics.

  • Development and design
  • Prototypes
  • Consultation and planning
  • Tool and mould construction
  • Plant and machinery construction
  • Stamping, bending and forming
  • EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Assembly
  • Laser processing
  • Testing
  • Packaging
  • Logistics

Supply chain
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Complex assemblies

We disapprove of disjointed and disconnected supply chains. Instead, we believe in advance process development, thereby ensuring our projects will run in a coordinated, integrated and therefore efficient way. This makes the entire process smoother, more transparent and more cost-effective. We round off this approach with smart logistical solutions, ranging from packaging concepts to the online management of customer enquiries, orders and deliveries via the appropriate web portal.

Case studies
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Success stories of our mechatronics competency

When it comes to joint projects, one factor is crucial: complete trust in your partner’s know-how and resources. MEKU combines the development expertise of three competency centres: metals, electronics and plastics. Our interdisciplinary teams realise and optimise your new product as well as engineer the most efficient production process.

In the following, we have compiled a number of case studies – we also like to call them success stories – that exemplify the approach of the meticulous teamwork between specialists in our interdisciplinary teams. We would like to present you to these and other examples in a personal presentation. Please contact us and make an appointment.

Success story: Our One-Stop-Shop approach ensures smooth processes in the development and production of a signal connector for power electronics in e-mobility

The road to success

The challenge | As the central intelligent control unit, power electronics control the electric motor and provide the connection to the high-voltage battery. Additionally it includes a converter that supplies the vehicle‘s low-voltage electrical system. The signal connector connects the electronics periphery of the vehicle with the inverter

How is it possible to develop, plan, produce and deliver this signal connector for Tier 1 without causing the known losses of efficency at the interfaces between the disciplines involved (metals, plastics, electronics, mechatronics)? Of course, all standards must be adhered to.

The solution | With an agile project management, we plan, coordinate and optimize the development and production process across all competencies. Our interdisciplinary team plans the connector according to standard and construction specifications, develops suitable concepts for production and machinery, builds the corresponding machines, coordinates the production of the individual parts and assembly of the components: Our One-Stop-Shop!

The success | A multi-layer board, a 2K injection molded housing with gasket, selectively galvanized contact blades, a plastic-encapsulated EMC shield are mounted, then a 52-pin ribbon cable is connected. After the 100% test of functionality, all plugs are provided with QR codes, inserted in assembly trays and KLT transport boxes and delivered on a just-in-time basis.

That decisive

Everything from one source: the complex assembly – ready to install in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity.

Your contact partners at the Competency Centre Mechatronics

MEKU Kompetenzzentrum Metall Alexander Walch

Alexander Walch
Leitung Kundenmanagement | Head of Customer Management

MEKU Mechatronische Systeme GmbH
An der Sempt 20
D-84174 Eching

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Anton Zeilmaier
Leitung Automation und Prozessentwicklung | Head of Automation and Process Development

MEKU Mechatronische Systeme GmbH
An der Sempt 20
D-84174 Eching

(+49) 8709 - 919-13
(+49) 8709 - 919-64


Ingo Liefke
Leitung Qualitätsmanagement | Head of Quality Management

MEKU Mechatronische Systeme GmbH
An der Sempt 20
D-84174 Eching

(+49) 8709 - 919-703
(+49) 8709 - 919-65

MEKU Metall Peter Forster

Peter Forster
Technischer Betriebsleiter | Technical Operations Manager

MEKU Mechatronische Systeme GmbH
An der Sempt 20
D-84174 Eching

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(+49) 8709 - 919-38