People at MEKU

Our employees
are the decisive

We have a vision: We want to live sustainably better through our work.

On the one hand, this applies to the products and sophisticated customer solutions we develop and produce. They make a major contribution to a sustainable and environmentally sound development in the world. Our drive are innovations that improve the quality of life, act beneficially and conserve resources.

On the other hand, it also applies to the way we work together. We are one team in which we share common values such as fairness, openness, trust, loyalty, commitment and respect. This is the foundation of our corporate culture, where there is an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and an understanding of the importance of an open culture of communication. We motivate each other, collectively we find solutions to every challenge and celebrate our successes together.

The people who work for us are the source of our capabilities, creativity, innovation and strength. We value the individuality of our employees and see their diversity as an important asset. Only different characters, experiences, cultures and above all different ways of thinking make our work varied, exciting and successful. Because our goal to live a better life has many facets. Just like our employees. A balance between our professional and personal commitment is an important stimulus for our creativity and satisfaction as well as the basis of our excellence.

This understanding of team spirit, diversity and innovation, we have summarized in one phrase: value-creating partner. Such we are as a team to our customers. On the other hand, every employee and every single staff member is that decisive PLUS to our success through expertise, passion, integrity and reliability.

Therefore we are proud that every employee at MEKU carries the term value-creating partner next to his name and our logo on the chest. Because with us it is not just about a job, but about the special PLUS.

Value-creating partner
for that decisive

for that decisive
Employees have their say …

Rainer Schramm
Value-creating partner as a tool machanic
at the competency centre plastics

“I recently transferred to MEKU. I quickly realized that the company is pleasantly different from others.

Right from the beginning, I had the feeling that the employees here are seen as an essential key to success and, accordingly, given them respect and recognition. At MEKU my opinion counts and is heard – by staff members as well as project managers and the management. This way, everyone joins forces to ensure that we can work out and implement the best possible solution for our customers.”

Deborah Jannibelli
Value-creating partner in the AOI facility management
at the competency centre electronics

“In my eyes MEKU stands for powerful values and solid convictions. As well as that everyone here is a partner in the value chain, so everyone contributes an important part to the company’s success.

I say this with pride because I associate it with making great products for international customers and being part of the team that produces them. This is really a satisfactory process, also because it challenges me in so many different ways every day.”

Michael Lochinger
Value-creating partner as a toolmaker in maintenance
at the competency centre metals

“I completed my training as a toolmaker at MEKU and thus gained insight into many departments. The tasks were varied and never boring. I was introduced to company and production processes very quickly and therefore was able to help with projects.

I liked the fact that I was partly responsible at an early stage for the production process to run smoothly. By that even as an apprentice, I was able to do my part in the company’s success. Because I am receiving a variety of support at MEKU, I am now training here to become a engineering technician. I clearly see my future at MEKU! ”

Ingo Schmetzer
Value-creating partner as head of “Development & Project Management”
at the competency centre electronics

“For me, the key thing about MEKU is that we manufacture technologically high-quality products. It means a lot to me that my work helps to create something that is worth and sustainable.

Because we develop and produce individual solutions for our customers and because many different elements are brought together through our competency centres metals, plastics and electronics, our company and our processes have to be particularly flexible. Therefore as value-creating partners we are consultants, service providers, developers and producers in one. A very challenging and fullfilling role.“

Jakob Kehlringer
Value-creating partner in the design and construction department
“Stamping & Assembly” at the competency centre metals

“I’ve been with the company since 1975 – if I think about it, it’s an unbelievable 43 years this year! Together we have grown with our tasks. From being a toolmaker I changed into design & construction: first on the drawing board and later on the computer. MEKU has always supported me in my professional development. Meanwhile, I lead the whole design and construction department “Stamping & Assembly”.

That is also what has fascinated me time and time again while working here at MEKU: being part of a team that searches for and finds innovative solutions to every challenge ahead. The tasks we face every day have become more and more demanding. Although we are growing steadily, I still see myself as a member of a family business that has great mutual appreciation among employees.”

That special
Your chances and possibilities

Traineeships & internships

Have you almost finished your school career, or have you in fact already gained your school qualifications? Then launch your professional future with us. We can offer you a diverse range of apprenticeships at the various different MEKU sites, in both commercial and industrial fields of work. With a school internship, you are given the chance to get a first taste of working life at MEKU before you make the decision to apply for an apprenticeship with us. This will give you some interesting insights into our company and you can also establish initial links with the relevant contact persons.

Our training concept focuses on the specialist qualifications which you will need for your chosen profession. As well as in-depth teaching of the required skills and knowledge, we also place great emphasis on close and individual support and guidance, as well as on the appropriate measures to ensure that our apprentices are integrated well into the production environment. With the qualifications you receive, you will quickly be able to take on responsibility, giving you good prospects for the future as a skilled worker at MEKU.

We are keen to set up good relationships with our future career starters and apprentices at a very early stage. This includes the option of getting experience of everyday working life through an internship or of spending time looking into a particular theme in a more in-depth way by writing a thesis within the context of a university degree. We value the win-win situation that arises from this – a good number of our current MEKU employees have found their way to us via this route.

At MEKU, we strongly believe in encouraging young talent and have clearly defined rules in this area.

The companies in the MEKU Group

  • do not replace full-time positions through interns, volunteers, job shadowing or long-term temporary workers.
  • will not fob off university graduates with an internship when they have applied for a permanent job.
  • will not try to lure interns with the vague outlook that this might lead to a full-time position.
  • offer internships principally to allow young people to gain some professional orientation whilst they are still in training or education.